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remove entity kpat, remove whitespace

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<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<!DOCTYPE refentry PUBLIC "-//KDE//DTD DocBook XML V4.5-Based Variant V1.1//EN" "dtd/kdedbx45.dtd" [
<!ENTITY kappname "kpat">
<!ENTITY % English "INCLUDE" >
......@@ -49,7 +48,7 @@ ranging from the well known Klondike and Freecell, to lesser known
games such as Grandfather's Clock and Mod3. In all there are 12
variations for you to while away time.</para>
......@@ -145,7 +144,7 @@ is included below.</para>
<title>SEE ALSO</title>
......@@ -154,7 +153,7 @@ Handbook</emphasis>
or enter <userinput>help:/kpat/index.html</userinput> in
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