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    Initial commit · 64bdb17c
    Denis Kuplyakov authored
    There are tonn of changes:
    (more details:
    0) Some code formating
    1) Now we have KReversiPos, that indicates position (row, col),
    and KReversiMove, that indicates move (it is position with
    2) All functions was adopted to use KReversiPos(Move) instead of
    two arguments (row, col)
    3) Initial implementation of KReversiPlayer,
    KReversiComputerPlayer, KReversiHumanPlayer.
    4) Many functions of KReversiGame has been rewriten to use DX[], DY[]
    arrays and for-loops instead of copypasting eight times simillar code.
    5) KReversiGame already has particular support of new design
    6) KReversiView don't handle game-flow, KReversiGame does it
    7) many other changes.
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