Commit 53e859b8 authored by Dmitry Suzdalev's avatar Dmitry Suzdalev
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Refreshed "about" dialog.

If someone feels that he still belongs there and that I was wrong when removed him,
please bite me (not too hard) and I'll put you back ;).
Although as I rewrite this game all by myself atm 
(using only artwork and Engine from old kreversi) I think that I done everything right.

Ah, what a long story for such a small commit :).

svn path=/branches/work/kreversi_rewrite/; revision=581136
parent a1119506
......@@ -38,12 +38,10 @@ int main(int argc, char **argv)
KAboutData aboutData( "kreversi", I18N_NOOP("KReversi"),
KREVERSI_VERSION, description, KAboutData::License_GPL,
"(c) 1997-2000, Mario Weilguni\n(c) 2006, Dmitry Suzdalev");
aboutData.addAuthor("Mario Weilguni",0, "");
aboutData.addAuthor("Benjamin Meyer",0, "");
aboutData.addAuthor("Mario Weilguni",I18N_NOOP("Original author"), "");
aboutData.addAuthor("Dmitry Suzdalev", I18N_NOOP("Game rewrite for KDE4. Current maintainer."), "");
aboutData.addCredit("Mats Luthman", I18N_NOOP("Game engine, ported from his JAVA applet."), 0);
aboutData.addCredit("Stephan Kulow", I18N_NOOP("Comments and bugfixes."), 0);
aboutData.addCredit("Arne Klaassen", I18N_NOOP("Raytraced chips."), 0);
aboutData.addCredit("Inge Wallin", I18N_NOOP("Cleaning, bugfixes, some enhancements."), 0);
KCmdLineArgs::init( argc, argv, &aboutData );
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