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    • Inge Wallin's avatar
      Establish coding standards step II. · 8cd91fed
      Inge Wallin authored
       * Enforce some structure for including include files
       * Use naming like fooBar instead of foo_bar
       * Improve whitespacing to make the code more readable.
         (There is more to do here.)
    • Inge Wallin's avatar
      Establish some coding standards step I · b80d0c6c
      Inge Wallin authored
      Make the code look similar in all files.  There was quite some
      mix of styles before. In this step we do:
       * indent 4 steps everywhere
       * no spaces inside parenthesis
       * space between if/while/etc and the parenthesis
       * opening braces on the same line as if/while/etc
       * one initializer per line in constructors
      So basically we have
          if (foo) {
      instead of
        if( foo )
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    • Denis Kuplyakov's avatar
      Initial commit · 64bdb17c
      Denis Kuplyakov authored
      There are tonn of changes:
      (more details:
      0) Some code formating
      1) Now we have KReversiPos, that indicates position (row, col),
      and KReversiMove, that indicates move (it is position with
      2) All functions was adopted to use KReversiPos(Move) instead of
      two arguments (row, col)
      3) Initial implementation of KReversiPlayer,
      KReversiComputerPlayer, KReversiHumanPlayer.
      4) Many functions of KReversiGame has been rewriten to use DX[], DY[]
      arrays and for-loops instead of copypasting eight times simillar code.
      5) KReversiGame already has particular support of new design
      6) KReversiView don't handle game-flow, KReversiGame does it
      7) many other changes.
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    • Denis Kuplyakov's avatar
      Fixed some Krazy issues · be7d8399
      Denis Kuplyakov authored
      kreversiview.h: spelling error and explicit constructor
      kreversiview.cpp: normalazied signal and slot uses
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    • Denis Kuplyakov's avatar
      Added popup functionality. · f5683db7
      Denis Kuplyakov authored
      Popup was implemented. Plasma IconItem has been used to load icon for
      popup as it done in original KGamePopupItem. Now colors are hardcoded,
      but it will be better to load them from KDE theme.
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  20. 01 Jul, 2013 2 commits
    • Denis Kuplyakov's avatar
      Fixed endless game-over message and undo · 130f7cb7
      Denis Kuplyakov authored
      Fixed endless game-over message. And magically (I don't know why) undo
      was fixed.
      Also has changed copyright signs order.
    • Denis Kuplyakov's avatar
      KReversiView now controls game-flow, as it was done by KReversiScene · 191fb162
      Denis Kuplyakov authored
      What's new:
      1) KReversiView now have same signal pattern as KReversiScene, used
      before. Now game is playable. You can do only allowed moves and so on.
      2) Showing of legal moves and last move already works.
      3) You can change chip color.
      Known issues:
      1) History works, but Undo doesn't.
      2) Game sometimes crashes, when you close it while demomode is running.
      3) QML layout don't fit board image well, so you can see that last cells
      have some bias.
  21. 14 Jun, 2013 1 commit
    • Denis Kuplyakov's avatar
      Initial porting to QML implementation · 31b2e13a
      Denis Kuplyakov authored
      Added QML classes with simple realization to /qml folder.
      KReversiChip and KReversiScene classes were deleted.
      Added import of declarative libraries and /qml folder install code to
      KReversiView was rewriten completely to be QML container, now implements
      simple user interaction.
      Some changes to mainwindow.cpp due to absense of scene class, we will
      use only KReversiView now.
      Added install instruction to /pics/CMakeLists.txt for *.desktop theme
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    • Dmitry Suzdalev's avatar
      Ported KReversi's Engine to use new classes. · 52e670e3
      Dmitry Suzdalev authored
      It compiles, but this code is just unused yet.
      Moved away from inheriting Engine from SuperEngine.
      Idea behind SuperEngine was to introduce base class for several engines.
      Well, currently there's only one.
      And I think that it's better to actually create 
      base-interface class when we have more than one engine at hands,
      so we can look for what they have in common etc etc :).
      Yesterday's problem with QGV's margin didn't go away... Oh, well
      svn path=/branches/work/kreversi_rewrite/; revision=571980
  27. 10 Aug, 2006 2 commits