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......@@ -42,10 +42,12 @@ Comment[ro]=Un joc de atenţie, similar cu Mahjongg
Comment[ru]=Shisen-Sho - игра похожая на Mahjongg
Comment[sk]=Šisen-Šo, podobná hra ako mahjongg
Comment[sl]=Podobno kot Mahjongg
Comment[sr]=Shisen-Sho, igra slična Mahjongu
Comment[sv]=Shisen-Sho, ett spel som liknar Mahjongg
Comment[ta]=Shisen-Sho, Mahjongg Á¡¾¢Ã¢Â¡É ´Õ Å¢¨Ç¡ðÎ
Comment[tr]=Shisen-Sho, Mahjongg'a benzer bir oyun
Comment[uk]=Шісон-Шо схожа на Махжонг
Comment[zh_CN.GB2312]=Shisen-Sho, 类似于 Mahjongg 的游戏
Comment[zh_TW.Big5]=Shisen-Sho, 類似麻將的遊戲
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