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......@@ -8,6 +8,7 @@ Name[eo]=Ŝisen-Ŝo
......@@ -19,10 +20,10 @@ Comment[da]=Shisen-Sho, et spil der minder om mahjongg
Comment[de]=Shisen-Sho, ein Spiel ähnlich Mahjongg
Comment[el]=Shisen-Sho, παρόμοιο με το Mahjongg
Comment[eo]=Ŝisen-Ŝo, ludo simila la Mahjongo
Comment[es]=Un juego similar a Mahjongg
Comment[es]=Un juego similar al Mahjongg
Comment[et]=Shinsen-Sho, Mahjongg'ile sarnane lauamäng
Comment[fi]=Shisen-Sho, Mahjonggin tyylinen peli
Comment[fr]=Shisen-Sho, un jeu similaire au Mahjong
Comment[fr]=Shisen-Sho, un jeu similaire au Mah-jongg
Comment[gl]=Shisen-Sho, un xogo semellante ó Mahjongg
Comment[he]=גנו'גאמל המודש קחשמ ,וס-ןסיש
Comment[hr]=Shisen-Sho, igra slična mahjonggu
......@@ -30,22 +31,27 @@ Comment[hu]=Shisen-Sho, egy Mahjongg-hoz hasonló játék
Comment[is]=kshisen: Leikur í anda mahjongg
Comment[it]=Shisen-Sho, un gioco simile a Mahjongg
Comment[ko]=마작(Mahjangg)과 비슷한 마작 놀이(사이센소)
Comment[lt]=Shisen-Sho, žaidimas panašus į Mahjongg
Comment[lv]=Shisen-Sho, Mahdžongam līdzīga spēle
Comment[mk]=Shisen-Sho, игра слична на Mahjongg
Comment[nl]=Shisen-Sho, een spel vergelijkbaar met Mahjongg
Comment[no]=Shisen-Sho, et spill som ligner på Mahjongg
Comment[no_NY]=Eit Mahjongg-liknande spel
Comment[oc]=Shisen-Sho, un jog semblant al Mahjongg
Comment[pl]=Shisen-Sho, gra podobna do Mahjongg'a
Comment[pt]=Shisen-Sho, um jogo do género do Mahjongg
Comment[pt_BR]=Shisen-Sho, um jogo do gênero do Mahjongg
Comment[ro]=Un joc de atenţie, similar cu Mahjongg
Comment[ru]=Shisen-Sho - игра похожая на Mahjongg
Comment[ru]=Shisen-Sho - игра похожая на маджонг
Comment[sk]=Šisen-Šo, podobná hra ako mahjongg
Comment[sl]=Podobno kot Mahjongg
Comment[sr]=Shisen-Sho, igra slična Mahjongu
Comment[sv]=Shisen-Sho, ett spel som liknar Mahjongg
Comment[ta]=Shisen-Sho, Mahjongg Á¡¾¢Ã¢Â¡É ´Õ Å¢¨Ç¡ðÎ
Comment[tr]=Shisen-Sho, Mahjongg'a benzer bir oyun
Comment[uk]=Шісон-Шо схожа на Махжонг
Comment[zh_CN.GB2312]=Shisen-Sho, 类似于 Mahjongg 的游戏
Comment[uk]=Шісон-Шо схожа на Мажонг
Comment[zh_CN.GB2312]=Shisen-Sho,类似于 Mahjongg 的游戏
Comment[zh_TW.Big5]=Shisen-Sho, 類似麻將的遊戲
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