Commit c3d60926 authored by Frederik Schwarzer's avatar Frederik Schwarzer
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Add explanation to possibly confusing code.

parent 2bedc382
......@@ -222,6 +222,10 @@ void Board::applyGravity(TilePos const tilePos1, TilePos const tilePos2)
if (!m_gravityFlag) {
// If both removed tiles are in the same column, we iterate over the same
// column twice but all ideas I had to prevent that from happening seemed
// more complex that living with that second iteration once in a while.
// Maybe later ... (schwarzer)
std::array<int, 2> const affectedColumns = {tilePos1.x(), tilePos2.x()};
for (auto const column: affectedColumns) {
int rptr = yTiles() - 1;
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