Commit 1d5b1467 authored by Benjamin Meyer's avatar Benjamin Meyer
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quit now closes

svn path=/trunk/kdegames/ktron/; revision=213136
parent ab4e768c
......@@ -82,7 +82,7 @@ KTron::KTron() : settings(0) {
KStdGameAction::pause(tron, SLOT(togglePause()), actionCollection());
KStdGameAction::gameNew( tron, SLOT( newGame() ), actionCollection() );
KStdGameAction::quit(kapp, SLOT( quit() ), actionCollection());
KStdGameAction::quit(this, SLOT( close() ), actionCollection());
showStatusbar = KStdAction::showStatusbar(this, SLOT(toggleStatusbar()), actionCollection());
KStdAction::keyBindings(this, SLOT(configureKeys()), actionCollection());
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