Commit 1422592a authored by Laurent Montel's avatar Laurent Montel 😁

Fix install rc file

parent 4ff7946d
......@@ -73,7 +73,7 @@ install(FILES default_theme.svgz DESTINATION ${DATA_INSTALL_DIR}/kspaceduel/spri
install( PROGRAMS org.kde.kspaceduel.desktop DESTINATION ${XDG_APPS_INSTALL_DIR} )
install( FILES kspaceduel.kcfg DESTINATION ${KCFG_INSTALL_DIR} )
install( FILES kspaceduelui.rc DESTINATION ${DATA_INSTALL_DIR}/kspaceduel )
install( FILES kspaceduelui.rc DESTINATION ${XDG_APPS_INSTALL_DIR}/kspaceduel )
ecm_install_icons( ICONS hi128-apps-kspaceduel.png hi16-apps-kspaceduel.png hi22-apps-kspaceduel.png hi32-apps-kspaceduel.png hi48-apps-kspaceduel.png hi64-apps-kspaceduel.png DESTINATION ${ICON_INSTALL_DIR} )
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