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########### install files ###############
#original contents follow:
#KDE_LANG = en
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<book lang="&language;">
<title>The &ksquares; Handbook</title>
<!-- This is just put in as an example. For real documentation, please
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<!ENTITY George.N.Ugnacious "<personname><firstname>George</firstname><othername>N.</othername><surname>Ugnacious</surname></personname>">
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<holder>Matt Williams</holder>
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<para>&ksquares; is a game where you complete squares by drawing lines.</para>
<chapter id="introduction">
&ksquares; is a game of "squares" ( The purpose of the game is to complete more squares than your opponent.
<chapter id="playing-ksquares">
<title>Using &ksquares;</title>
Each player takes it in turns to draw a line between two ajacent dots on the board.
If a player completes a square by placing the fourth of the four lines around the square, they must take another go.
<chapter id="menu-reference">
<title>The menu referance</title>
<sect1 id="file/game-menu-reference">
<title>The File/Game Menu</title>
<keycombo action="simul">&Ctrl;<keycap>N</keycap></keycombo>
<listitem><para><action>Start a new game</action></para></listitem>
<keycombo action="simul">&Ctrl;<keycap>Q</keycap></keycombo>
<listitem><para><action>Quits</action> &ksquares;</para></listitem>
<sect1 id="settings-menu-reference">
<title>The <guimenu>Setings</guimenu> Menu</title>
<sect1 id="help-menu-reference">
<title>The <guimenu>Help</guimenu> Menu</title>
<chapter id="faq">
<title>Questions and Answers</title>
<qandaset id="faqlist">
<para>How do I win the game?</para>
<para>You must complete more squares than your opponent</para>
<chapter id="credits">
<!-- Include credits for the programmers, documentation writers, and
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<title>Credits and License</title>
Program copyright 2006 Matt Williams <email></email>
<para>Konqui the KDE Dragon <email></email></para>
<para>Documentation Copyright &copy; 2006 Matt Williams <email></email></para>
&underFDL; <!-- FDL: do not remove -->
<!-- Determine which license your application is licensed under,
and delete all the remaining licenses below:
(NOTE: All documentation are licensed under the FDL,
regardless of what license the application uses) -->
&underGPL; <!-- GPL License -->
<appendix id="installation">
<sect1 id="requirements">
List any special requirements for your application here. This should include:
.Libraries or other software that is not included in kdesupport,
kdelibs, or kdebase.
.Hardware requirements like amount of RAM, disk space, graphics card
capabilities, screen resolution, special expansion cards, etc.
.Operating systems the app will run on. If your app is designed only for a
specific OS, (you wrote a graphical LILO configurator for example) put this
information here.
kdelibs 4 from SVN is required as well as libkdegames
<!-- For a list of updates, you may refer to the application web site
or the ChangeLog file, or ... -->
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