Commit 0661bc4a authored by Andreas Pakulat's avatar Andreas Pakulat

Revert 851695, its wrong as it changes the meaning of the sequence

making the shortcut useless. The intention of the code is to set a
shortcut of Shift+<something>, not Shift, then press something which
simply doesn't work at all. 
I have no Qt4.5 prerelease to test against and btw, if this code breaks
with a new Qt release its a bug in Qt as its supposed to be backwards
source compatible I suggest to talk to TT about this.

svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdegames/ksudoku/; revision=862763
parent 05726b71
......@@ -67,9 +67,9 @@ void GameActions::init() {
m_collection->addAction(QString("val-mark%1").arg(i+1,2,10,QChar('0')), a);
a->setText(i18n("Mark %1 (%2)", QChar('a'+i), i+1));
shortcut = a->shortcut();
shortcut.setPrimary(QKeySequence(Qt::ShiftModifier, Qt::Key_A + i));
shortcut.setPrimary( Qt::ShiftModifier | Qt::Key_A + i);
if(i < 9) {
shortcut.setAlternate(QKeySequence(Qt::ShiftModifier, Qt::Key_1 + i));
shortcut.setAlternate( Qt::ShiftModifier | Qt::Key_1 + i);
m_markValueMapper->setMapping(a, i+1);
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