Commit 16adcd78 authored by Friedrich W. H. Kossebau's avatar Friedrich W. H. Kossebau
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Use operator| to combine Qt's keys & modifier enums/flags

Qt6 future-proof
parent 95d8026e
......@@ -57,7 +57,7 @@ const KStandardGameActionInfo g_rgActionInfo[] = {
{ KStandardGameAction::SaveAs, KStandardShortcut::AccelNone, 0, "game_save_as", nullptr, I18N_NOOP("Save &As..."), nullptr, "document-save-as", I18N_NOOP("Save the current game to another file") },
{ KStandardGameAction::End, KStandardShortcut::End, 0, "game_end", nullptr, I18N_NOOP("&End Game"), nullptr, "window-close", I18N_NOOP("End the current game") },
{ KStandardGameAction::Pause, KStandardShortcut::AccelNone, Qt::Key_P, "game_pause", nullptr, I18N_NOOP("Pa&use"), nullptr, "media-playback-pause", I18N_NOOP("Pause the game") },
{ KStandardGameAction::Highscores, KStandardShortcut::AccelNone, Qt::CTRL+Qt::Key_H, "game_highscores", nullptr, I18N_NOOP("Show &High Scores"), nullptr, "games-highscores", I18N_NOOP("Show high scores") },
{ KStandardGameAction::Highscores, KStandardShortcut::AccelNone, Qt::CTRL | Qt::Key_H, "game_highscores", nullptr, I18N_NOOP("Show &High Scores"), nullptr, "games-highscores", I18N_NOOP("Show high scores") },
{ KStandardGameAction::ClearHighscores, KStandardShortcut::AccelNone, 0, "game_clear_highscores", nullptr, I18N_NOOP("&Clear High Scores"), nullptr, "clear_highscore", I18N_NOOP("Clear high scores") },
{ KStandardGameAction::Statistics, KStandardShortcut::AccelNone, 0, "game_statistics", nullptr, I18N_NOOP("Show Statistics"), nullptr, "highscore", I18N_NOOP("Show statistics") },
{ KStandardGameAction::ClearStatistics, KStandardShortcut::AccelNone, 0, "game_clear_statistics", nullptr, I18N_NOOP("&Clear Statistics"), nullptr, "flag", I18N_NOOP("Delete all-time statistics.") },
......@@ -67,7 +67,7 @@ const KStandardGameActionInfo g_rgActionInfo[] = {
{ KStandardGameAction::Repeat, KStandardShortcut::AccelNone, 0, "move_repeat", nullptr, I18N_NOOP("Repeat"), nullptr, nullptr, I18N_NOOP("Repeat the last move") },
{ KStandardGameAction::Undo, KStandardShortcut::Undo, 0, "move_undo", nullptr, I18N_NOOP("Und&o"), nullptr, "edit-undo", I18N_NOOP("Undo the last move") },
{ KStandardGameAction::Redo, KStandardShortcut::Redo, 0, "move_redo", nullptr, I18N_NOOP("Re&do"), nullptr, "edit-redo", I18N_NOOP("Redo the latest move") },
{ KStandardGameAction::Roll, KStandardShortcut::AccelNone, Qt::CTRL+Qt::Key_R, "move_roll", nullptr, I18N_NOOP("&Roll Dice"), nullptr, "roll", I18N_NOOP("Roll the dice") },
{ KStandardGameAction::Roll, KStandardShortcut::AccelNone, Qt::CTRL | Qt::Key_R, "move_roll", nullptr, I18N_NOOP("&Roll Dice"), nullptr, "roll", I18N_NOOP("Roll the dice") },
{ KStandardGameAction::EndTurn, KStandardShortcut::AccelNone, 0, "move_end_turn", nullptr, I18N_NOOP("End Turn"), nullptr, "games-endturn", nullptr },
{ KStandardGameAction::Hint, KStandardShortcut::AccelNone, Qt::Key_H, "move_hint", nullptr, I18N_NOOP("&Hint"), nullptr, "games-hint", I18N_NOOP("Give a hint") },
{ KStandardGameAction::Demo, KStandardShortcut::AccelNone, Qt::Key_D, "move_demo", nullptr, I18N_NOOP("&Demo"), nullptr, "media-playback-start", I18N_NOOP("Play a demo") },
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