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SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) - always resolve ours

In case of conflict in i18n, keep the version of the branch "ours"
To resolve a particular conflict, "git checkout --ours path/to/file.desktop"
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......@@ -74,7 +74,7 @@ Description[ga]=Úsáid an dath réamhshocraithe do chúlra fuinneog.
Description[gl]=Empregar a cor de fondo predeterminada da xanela.
Description[hi]=पूर्वन्यस्त विंडो पृष्ठभूमि रंग का प्रयोग करें।
Description[hu]=Használja az alapértelmezett ablak hátterét.
Description[id]=Gunakan warna latarbelakang window baku.
Description[id]=Gunakan warna latarbelakang jendela baku.
Description[it]=Usa il colore predefinito per lo sfondo della finestra.
Description[kk]=Әдетті терезе аясының түсін қолдану
Description[km]=ប្រើ​ពណ៌​ផ្ទៃ​ខាង​ក្រោយ​បង្អួច​លំនាំ​ដើម ។
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