Commit 352b7c9d authored by Stefan Majewsky's avatar Stefan Majewsky

Enable document mode on root QTabWidget.

This optimises the scrollbars on the collection listview and the puzzle
table for Fitt's law. Also, the visual clutter of multiple widget
borders is reduced.

svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdegames/palapeli/; revision=1137639
parent 3c43adf7
......@@ -65,6 +65,7 @@ Palapeli::MainWindow::MainWindow(KCmdLineArgs* args)
m_centralWidget->addTab(m_puzzleTable, i18nc("General note to translators: There is an important distinction to make between \"puzzle table\" and \"puzzle table area\". The first one is the complete widget with zooming controls, progress bar and all, while the latter is that part of it where pieces can be moved.", "Puzzle table"));
m_centralWidget->setTabEnabled(m_centralWidget->indexOf(m_puzzleTable), false); //... until a puzzle has been loaded
connect(m_collectionWidget, SIGNAL(createRequest()), this, SLOT(createPuzzle()));
connect(m_collectionWidget, SIGNAL(playRequest(const QModelIndex&)), this, SLOT(loadPuzzle(const QModelIndex&)));
//setup main window
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