Commit 923f24da authored by Bernd Schmidt's avatar Bernd Schmidt
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Update scene after removing pieces from it

This may well be a Qt bug, but without this, when moving pieces into a
holder, it often does not disappear from its current position.
parent fc90d0f5
...@@ -662,6 +662,7 @@ void Palapeli::GamePlay::transferPieces(const QList<Palapeli::Piece*> &pieces, ...@@ -662,6 +662,7 @@ void Palapeli::GamePlay::transferPieces(const QList<Palapeli::Piece*> &pieces,
connect(piece, SIGNAL(moved(bool)), connect(piece, SIGNAL(moved(bool)),
scene, SLOT(pieceMoved(bool))); scene, SLOT(pieceMoved(bool)));
} }
scene->setSceneRect(scene->extPiecesBoundingRect()); scene->setSceneRect(scene->extPiecesBoundingRect());
if (! destIsPuzzleTable) { if (! destIsPuzzleTable) {
dest->centerOn(pieces.last()->sceneBareBoundingRect().center()); dest->centerOn(pieces.last()->sceneBareBoundingRect().center());
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