Commit bf30bc4f authored by Stefan Majewsky's avatar Stefan Majewsky

Backport r1149883.

CCBUG: 243492

svn path=/branches/KDE/4.5/kdegames/palapeli/; revision=1149885
parent 1707d281
......@@ -53,7 +53,12 @@ Palapeli::ConstraintVisualizer::ConstraintVisualizer(Palapeli::Scene* scene)
QObject::setParent(scene); //delete myself automatically when the scene is destroyed
connect(scene, SIGNAL(sceneRectChanged(const QRectF&)), this, SLOT(update(const QRectF&)));
//NOTE: The QueuedConnection is necessary because setSceneRect() sends out
//the sceneRectChanged() signal before it disables automatic growing of the
//scene rect. If the connection was direct, we could thus enter an infinite
//loop when the constraint visualizer enlarges itself in reaction to the
//changed sceneRect, thereby changing the autogrowing sceneRect again.
connect(scene, SIGNAL(sceneRectChanged(const QRectF&)), this, SLOT(update(const QRectF&)), Qt::QueuedConnection);
bool Palapeli::ConstraintVisualizer::isActive() const
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