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      Add the missing parts of the mouse interaction config UI. · 669464b6
      Stefan Majewsky authored
      Known problems:
      * UI does not respect button/wheel compatibility hint of Interactor.
      * Changed configuration is not saved to disk.
      Also, I do not like this type of UI anymore.
      * It's a mess already with the default configuration.
      * The workflow feels strange. (It's probably just that the interface
        doesn't scale, I do not feel these problems in the Plasma
        ContainmentActions dialog.)
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      BUG: 215476 · bea2a687
      Stefan Majewsky authored
      CCMAIL: kde-core-devel@kde.org
      Introduce a configuration option that disables the left-mouse-button
      viewport dragging. I have been pinged multiple times now that some
      people find it annoying.
      I know that Palapeli is in kdereview (therefore I'm CCing k-c-d)
      currently, but feature freeze is very near, and I want this easy change
      in before it, esp. because it introduces new strings.
      I'm unsure about the default value of this configuration option, though.
      I think I'll make a poll for the default setting on my blog when the
      Beta 1 is out and Palapeli becomes available to more testers.
      svn path=/trunk/kdereview/palapeli/; revision=1052165
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      A big bunch of small fixes: · 0ec8a895
      Stefan Majewsky authored
      * Darken the inaccessible areas of the scene. (This is a quick-and-dirty solution; the clean solution would be to enlarge the scene rect when puzzle 
      pieces are moved outside the scene rect.)
      * Prevent the make-puzzles.sh script from trying to build a puzzle from default-collection.conf.
      * Increase the minimum plug length in the jigsaw slicer. (Some people complained about too small plugs.)
      * Fix part movement constraining: The shadows should not be taken into account when calculating the bounding rect of the piece.
      * Fix a crash in the Scene that occurs if the game is restarted after the current puzzle has been deleted from the library.
      * Enable the user to load a puzzle by simply clicking (or double-clicking, whatever he has configured globally) the item in the library view.
      Also, add a TODOLIST with notes I've taken at a testing session last week.
      svn path=/trunk/playground/games/palapeli/; revision=1038041
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      The foundations for the missing bits of Palapeli's interface: The puzzle table... · 8f7ad618
      Stefan Majewsky authored
      The foundations for the missing bits of Palapeli's interface: The puzzle table and the library require completely different actions, so group the toolbars with them inside the tabwidget. To have all the nice goodies that windows offer for toolbar management, the tab widgets will be subclasses of KMainWindow.
      svn path=/trunk/playground/games/palapeli/; revision=1028917
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      Comfort improvements: · bb776a68
      Stefan Majewsky authored
      * When merging parts, set the position of the merged part in such a way that the majority of the pieces does not move (as Palapeli.old already did).
      * Hinder the viewport rect from growing too big.
      svn path=/trunk/playground/games/palapeli/; revision=1028460
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