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      Fix crash on startup · ff1e5bc8
      Albert Astals Cid authored
      There was various threads using the same kconfig[group] at the same time, so bad things happened.
      Add a mutex
      BUGS: 398416
      Test Plan:
        rm -f ~/.config/palapeli* && palapeli
      a few times, see it doesn't crash anymore
      Reviewers: #kde_games
      Subscribers: chehrlic, kde-games-devel
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D16118
  4. 27 Dec, 2014 1 commit
  5. 25 Mar, 2011 4 commits
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      Remove usage of KIO. · c7851216
      Stefan Majewsky authored
      KIO was used very inconsistently at only few places. It should be
      possible to implement KIO on top of the new multithreaded Puzzle
      class, but this requires one to wrap one's mind around it, and I do
      not have the time to do that. So IMO it's better to remove the few
      usages of KIO to send a clear message to the user about the feature
      set that he can expect.
      svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdegames/palapeli/; revision=1225957
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      Refactor Collection classes, remove OldPuzzle. · f3c43066
      Stefan Majewsky authored
      All collection classes are merged into one which corresponds to
      LocalCollection. Instead of throwing modelindexes around, Puzzle
      instances are used whenever this is enough.
      svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdegames/palapeli/; revision=1225956
    • Stefan Majewsky's avatar
      Move identifier management from Collection to Puzzle. · 6f95f4d9
      Stefan Majewsky authored
      The Scene class is now independent of OldPuzzle.
      svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdegames/palapeli/; revision=1225953
    • Stefan Majewsky's avatar
      Rename Puzzle class to OldPuzzle, in anticipation of upcoming refactoring. · 2f7f26a5
      Stefan Majewsky authored
      Also, ThumbnailBaseSize moves to Palapeli::PuzzleMetadata.
      svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdegames/palapeli/; revision=1225949
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      Yet another one of these "let's just totally change the way how things work"... · 49a2ab48
      Stefan Majewsky authored
      Yet another one of these "let's just totally change the way how things work" commits: This introduces libpala, the new (well-designed) linking 
      interface for Palapeli pattern plugins (which are renamed to slicers to allow for coexistence of both for now). The new code looks very nice and 
      compiles fine (at least for me), but is totally untested as it has to be implemented in libpalapelibase first.
      svn path=/trunk/playground/games/palapeli/; revision=972386
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      Who needs atomic commits? Here comes the GIGANTIC commit!!! Hopefully, this is... · 13398c2d
      Stefan Majewsky authored
      Who needs atomic commits? Here comes the GIGANTIC commit!!! Hopefully, this is the last commit in the very long series of "Let's break the total internal infrastructure of Palapeli" commits. (To be honest, I doubt.) Here are the changes:
      * Rename libpalapelicore to libpalapelipattern because everything else is moved back to Palapeli application. This is possible because the Pattern class gets a proper interface to the Palapeli game engine.
      * The Palapeli::Pattern::slice function is renamed to Palapeli::Pattern::doSlice, because there is now another non-virtual slice function which does some initialisation in the base class.
      * The piece positions are now loaded or randomized in the Palapeli::Pattern class.
      * Move libpalapelipattern to a separate directory. Do only include this folder in API documentation.
      svn path=/trunk/playground/games/palapeli/; revision=834039
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  20. 11 Jul, 2008 2 commits
    • Stefan Majewsky's avatar
      Refactoring, part 3: · c5621dea
      Stefan Majewsky authored
      * Move nearly everything in the MainWindow class to the new MainWindowPrivate class.
      * View handles its KConfig values on itself.
      * Start cleanup of Manager interface by moving from QListIterator accessors to count/at access for lists.
      * Trivial cleanups in Preview and Manager (esp. make event handlers protected).
      I'll leave PieceRelation, the patterns, and the rest of the Manager class for tomorrow.
      svn path=/trunk/playground/games/palapeli/; revision=831126
    • Stefan Majewsky's avatar
      Start of a refactoring. The code has at some points turned into quite a mess.... · b5850622
      Stefan Majewsky authored
      Start of a refactoring. The code has at some points turned into quite a mess. Some class interfaces need a redesign and cleanup, esp. to speed up compilation and prepare for the introduction of the pattern plugin architecture. So here we go:
      Refactoring, part 1: Turn Manager into a singleton, access Manager through ppMgr() from all other classes.
      svn path=/trunk/playground/games/palapeli/; revision=831086
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