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      Port slicer plugin loading to KPluginLoader · 4404144f
      Nicolas Fella authored
      Loading plugins via KServiceTypeTrader is deprecated. Instead the
      plugins should embed their metadata, be installed in a well-known
      subdirectory of the plugin dir and loaded via
      Any existing out-of-tree plugin would need to be adapted, otherwise it
      will not be loaded. The adjustment is easy however and I doubt there are
      actually any out-of-tree plugins.
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  7. 20 Nov, 2020 7 commits
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      Remove unused setMainComponent · 786c659b
      Bernd Schmidt authored
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      Update scene after removing pieces from it · 923f24da
      Bernd Schmidt authored
      This may well be a Qt bug, but without this, when moving pieces into a
      holder, it often does not disappear from its current position.
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      Sync the config once after loading · fc90d0f5
      Bernd Schmidt authored
      Previously this could potentially call fdatasync once per puzzle, which
      was pretty bad for loading times. That was exacerbated by the previous
      date comparison bug that caused the config to be regenerated at every
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      First pass of removing threading · 9b706bf8
      Bernd Schmidt authored
      My guess would be that this was an optimization for very slow load times,
      which I've also seen.  But the reason for these are repeated fdatasync
      calls which are completely unnecessary. By removing the threading, we can
      actually more easily optimize this in a followup patch.
      This is probably not a complete removal of all the threading-related cruft.
      I suspected a number of mutexes are no longer necessary now, but that can
      be left for later.
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      Make the cache work · 6fc25040
      Bernd Schmidt authored
      There were two problems here: the QDateTime comparisons didn't return
      true for files with unchanged mtime.  Using the same conversion on both
      sides of the comparison fixes that.  As a result, startup now becomes
      much faster since we're not rebuilding the cache each time.  Since
      the format of the date has changed on-disk, this should be backwards
      compatible, causing a one-time rebuild.
      That exposed another problem that I was half-observing already before,
      which is that the PNG thumbnails weren't being restored properly.
      Converting the raw data to base64 when saving fixes that as well.
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      Merge only pieces with the same owner · 4a300fc4
      Bernd Schmidt authored
      This seems to solve a crash that sometimes occured when using piece holders.
      One of the symptoms was that when trying to call removeAll on one of the
      pieces to be removed, the return value from removeAll was zero, indicating that
      no piece was removed from the list - so it must have been in a different list.
      The code for merging pieces seems to have been unaware of the existence of
      multiple scenes.
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