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      Continuation of gamut masking effort. · 6194d542
      Anna Medonosová authored
      I have fixed issues from D13525
        * Krita does not crash, if the user tries to save an invalid mask template. Instead, the user is notified and returned to editing, to either fix the error, or cancel the edit.
        * The editing controls are disabled if the user switches to another document.
        * When the artistic color selector loads for the first time, it has correct default values
        * Smaller tweaks and fixes of the code proposed by @dkazakov
      There are also new things:
        * There are real gamut masks ready to be used by artists.
        * Gamut masks can be imported and exported in bundles.
        * The UI is simplified, more condensed to save screen space, and hopefully nicer to look at. The mask template and preview icons were updated to better show the mask.
        * The selector can now show numbered gray scale next to the value scale.
      Apart from that there are some bugs fixed and better implementations of older features.
      I have removed the option to set relative light for the value scale in the selector - it's results seem weird and
      unintuitive - and introduced gamma correction for HSY value scale.
      I'm also linking to documents where I prepare user documentation. It is really basic and unrefined for now, but it may be handy while testing.
        - Artistic Color Selector - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FcLWi9iH9tHfe-4iv9jIi_ZFEkPAc5ilmJ1gCuO-0es/edit?usp=sharing
        - Gamut Masks - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1obXQHYlja7X_lBX0qs8NMH9aiJEostsMcKEP5-1PvKY/edit?usp=sharing
      Test Plan:
      Set the artistic selector to your liking (please share your configuration or a screenshot) and create some art using gamut masking (for more information on the subject: [[ https://gurneyjourney.blogspot.com/2008/01/color-wheel-masking-part-1.html|Color Wheel Masking]] and [[ https://gurneyjourney.blogspot.com/2008/02/shapes-of-color-schemes.html | Shapes of Color Schemes ]] by James Gurney). You can either use a default mask or create a new one. Then please share your experience in the following short questionnaire.
        # Do you use gamut masking often or uncommonly? Does the implementation support your workflow?
        # Do the default masks provide a good starting point? Is there some fundamental mask missing? If yes, please provide more details on the missing masks.
        # Are the dockers easy or difficult to use?
        # Is the UI clear or did you have trouble finding the right controls? Do the dockers have useful defaults?
        # What do you like and what could be done better?
        # Did you encounter any bugs? If so, please describe them.
      Reviewers: #krita, dkazakov
      Subscribers: lsegovia, rempt, dkazakov
      Tags: #krita
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D14249
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      Resources: Remove KoResourceLoaderThread · 5d361cf0
      Boudewijn Rempt authored
      All resources were loaded synchronously by now, so KoResourceLoaderThread
      was obsolete. This also moved the bundle server to it's own singleton,
      since it needs a completely instantiated singleton of KisResourceServerProvider.
      KisApplication now instantiates the singletons in the correct order, without
      superfluously getting the actual resource providers. Since the order is now
      properly known, we can clear the empty krita 3 system preset tags from the
      tag database after loading the last bundles. However, the tag system seems
      to be case-insensitive, but we used to have both ink and Ink; that still
      needs fixing.
      This fixes item 2 from
      Curiously enough, this also makes Krita start quite a bit faster for me...
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    • Boudewijn Rempt's avatar
      Disable the 3.0 defaults bundle by default · 720abdf6
      Boudewijn Rempt authored
      This is an ugly hack, but since we cannot whitelist by-default-blacklisted
      default resources, since there's no concept of whitelisting, hacking around
      with the config file is the best we can do.
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    • Frederik Gladhorn's avatar
      Cleanup usage of empty strings · ad15727c
      Frederik Gladhorn authored
      There is no need to explicitly initialize QString in constructurs.
      Using "" for an empty string is actually less type safe and more costly
      than using QString() which returns an empty shared null string, so it's
      always preferable to signify empty QStrings that way.
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    • Michael Abrahams's avatar
      Move kis_icon_utils to libs/widgetutils · a046e33b
      Michael Abrahams authored
      This required several changes to file inclusion and linking.  In
      particular, libs/widgetutils now requires krita/libglobal, and libglobal
      does not depend on libs/widgetutils.
  21. 11 Sep, 2015 1 commit
    • Boudewijn Rempt's avatar
      Move the themedIcon code out of KoIcon.h · f4787b48
      Boudewijn Rempt authored
      It's now in widgets/KoIconUtils so everyone can make use of themed
      icons. KoToolBoxButton used that now to get themed toolbox icons.
      In Krita, KisIconUtils now is part of KisGlobal, and all places where
      krita loads an icon, now uses KisIconUtils::loadIcon, which uses
  22. 10 Sep, 2015 1 commit
    • Boudewijn Rempt's avatar
      Fork KDialog into KoDialog · ec76064f
      Boudewijn Rempt authored
      We have a hundred or so kdialog-based dialogs in calligra. It's not
      feasible to port all of them the to the much clumsier QDialog api,
      so for KoDialog and strip it of kdelibs4support dependencies.
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    • Stefano Bonicatti's avatar
      Fix to resource md5 generation · e731c466
      Stefano Bonicatti authored
      Now the md5 will be calculated on the file data instead of the one in
      memory that has been interpreted, to keep the result consistent.
      Reactivated the code that warns the user and avoids to install resources
      when they have a different md5 from the manifest one.
      Reactivated the bundle edit button in Manage Resources.
      Added KoHashGenerator, KoMD5Generator, KisMD5Generator,
      KoHashGeneratorProvider classes.
      The first is an abstract class which gives a base to implement an
      hash generator that accepts a filename or a byte array to generate
      its hash.
      The second is an implementation of the first with the MD5 algorithm.
      The third overrides the first on the function that generates the md5
      from the filename, to support Krita resource bundles.
      The fourth is the one that provides the correct generator when asked.
      The hash generator identification is a string.
      Added versioning of the bundle through a simple increasing integer
      All the bundles which doesn't have the version in their meta are
      recreated and the md5 of each resource is recalculated.
      An old version of the bundle is mantained (bundlename.bundle.old).
      REVIEW: 122678
      CCMAIL: kimageshop@kde.org
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    • Wolthera van Hövell's avatar
      Fixes enabling and disabling of resource bundles. · 28719698
      Wolthera van Hövell authored
      This patch fixes making the Krita resource bundles activate and
      deactivate by doing the following:
      1   It adds the following funtion to KoResourceServer.h:
      removeFromBlacklist, which does what it says on the tin.
      2   It adds a setInstalled(bool) to resourcebundle.cpp, to be able to
      activate and deactivate that bool from outside(not sure if necessary)
      3    Finally, it makes sure that dlg_bundle_manager can create existing
      bundles from the blacklisted ones, and either adds to server, removes
      from blacklist or gives feedback depending on the state of the bundle.
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