Commit 74742b93 authored by Gilles Caulier's avatar Gilles Caulier 🗼
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fix table to check to see if face DB is already created.

This will solve the problem with Mysql server using a common database
parent f0c08bac
......@@ -107,7 +107,7 @@ bool FaceDbSchemaUpdater::startUpdates()
// First step: do we have an empty database?
QStringList tables = d->access->backend()->tables();
if (tables.contains(QString::fromLatin1("Settings"), Qt::CaseInsensitive))
if (tables.contains(QString::fromLatin1("Identities"), Qt::CaseInsensitive))
// Find out schema version of db file
QString version = d->access->db()->setting(QString::fromLatin1("DBFaceVersion"));
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