Commit cb9435fa authored by Gilles Caulier's avatar Gilles Caulier 🗼
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fix argment call for PGFImage::write method, which have changed with libpgf 6.11.24

CCBUGS: 273765
parent b9f504a7
......@@ -138,7 +138,7 @@ bool writePGFImageData(const QImage& img, QByteArray& data, int quality)
// TODO : optimize memory allocation...
CPGFMemoryStream stream(256000);
UINT32 nWrittenBytes = 0;
pgfImg.Write(&stream, 0, NULL, &nWrittenBytes);
pgfImg.Write(&stream, &nWrittenBytes);
data = QByteArray((const char*)stream.GetBuffer(), nWrittenBytes);
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