Commit 1281004f authored by Nate Graham's avatar Nate Graham
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Revert "Prefer mime type from content over file name when loading"

This reverts commit 6a79391a.

That commit caused Gwenview to lose the ability to open RAW files. This
is a more serious regression than the bug being fixed by the commit
(329140), so it needs to be reverted for now until that bug can be
fixed in a way that doesn't regress RAW loading.

BUG: 441698
FIXED-IN: 21.12.2

parent 4d7aa1a8
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......@@ -115,14 +115,12 @@ struct LoadingDocumentImplPrivate {
const QUrl &url = q->document()->url();
QMimeDatabase db;
auto mime = db.mimeTypeForData(mData);
if (mime.isDefault() && KProtocolInfo::determineMimetypeFromExtension(url.scheme())) {
mime = db.mimeTypeForFileNameAndData(url.fileName(), mData);
if (KProtocolInfo::determineMimetypeFromExtension(url.scheme())) {
mMimeType = db.mimeTypeForFileNameAndData(url.fileName(), mData);
} else {
mMimeType = db.mimeTypeForData(mData);
mMimeType = mime;
MimeTypeUtils::Kind kind = MimeTypeUtils::mimeTypeKind(;
LOG("mimeType:" <<;
LOG("kind:" << kind);
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