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Use action verb for button to show and hide the thumbnail bar

BUG: 445203
FIXED-IN: 21.12
parent 22aaeac3
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......@@ -422,7 +422,7 @@ ViewMainPage::ViewMainPage(QWidget *parent, SlideShow *slideShow, KActionCollect
auto *view = new KActionCategory(i18nc("@title actions category - means actions changing smth in interface", "View"), actionCollection);
d->mToggleThumbnailBarAction = view->add<KToggleAction>(QStringLiteral("toggle_thumbnailbar"));
d->mToggleThumbnailBarAction->setText(i18n("Thumbnail Bar"));
d->mToggleThumbnailBarAction->setText(i18n("Show Thumbnails"));
actionCollection->setDefaultShortcut(d->mToggleThumbnailBarAction, Qt::CTRL | Qt::Key_B);
connect(d->mToggleThumbnailBarAction, &KToggleAction::triggered, this, &ViewMainPage::setThumbnailBarVisibility);
......@@ -230,7 +230,7 @@ KIPI plugins.</para></listitem>
<link linkend="sidebar">sidebar</link> available in Browse Mode is displayed on
the left. At the bottom, there is the Thumbnail Bar, which allows you to scroll
through the images in the current folder. The Thumbnail Bar can be unfolded by
clicking on the <guibutton>Thumbnail Bar</guibutton> button. Clicking again will
clicking on the <guibutton>Show Thumbnails</guibutton> button. Clicking again will
fold it. To change the size of the thumbnails move the splitter with the &LMB;.</para>
<para>View Mode supports viewing multiple images side-by-side. You may select
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