Commit 1dda9f48 authored by Aleix Pol Gonzalez's avatar Aleix Pol Gonzalez 🐧
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Revert "Port deprecated signal"

This reverts commit b1ae993c.
parent 62f8d36c
......@@ -409,11 +409,7 @@ CropWidget::CropWidget(QWidget* parent, RasterImageView* imageView, CropTool* cr
// Index Changed: required so that choosing an item with the same text is detected (e.g. going from US Letter portrait
// to US Letter landscape)
connect(d->ratioComboBox, &QComboBox::editTextChanged, this, &CropWidget::slotRatioComboBoxChanged);
connect(d->ratioComboBox, QOverload<int>::of(&QComboBox::currentIndexChanged), this, &CropWidget::slotRatioComboBoxChanged);
connect(d->ratioComboBox, QOverload<int, const QString &>::of(&QComboBox::currentIndexChanged), this, &CropWidget::slotRatioComboBoxChanged);
// Don't do this before signals are connected, otherwise the tool won't get
// initialized
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