Commit 2d398645 authored by Willyanto Willyanto's avatar Willyanto Willyanto Committed by Nate Graham
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Add missing override specifier in fakesemanticinfobackend.h

FakeSemanticInfoBackend class overrides methods in AbstractSemanticInfoBackend
but the overrided methods are not being marked with 'override' specifier.
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......@@ -48,17 +48,17 @@ public:
FakeSemanticInfoBackEnd(QObject *parent, InitializeMode initializeMode);
virtual TagSet allTags() const;
TagSet allTags() const override;
virtual void refreshAllTags();
void refreshAllTags() override;
virtual void storeSemanticInfo(const QUrl &, const SemanticInfo &);
void storeSemanticInfo(const QUrl &, const SemanticInfo &) override;
virtual void retrieveSemanticInfo(const QUrl &);
void retrieveSemanticInfo(const QUrl &) override;
virtual QString labelForTag(const SemanticInfoTag &) const;
QString labelForTag(const SemanticInfoTag &) const override;
virtual SemanticInfoTag tagForLabel(const QString &);
SemanticInfoTag tagForLabel(const QString &) override;
void mergeTagsWithAllTags(const TagSet &);
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