Commit 408ce1e7 authored by Nicolas Fella's avatar Nicolas Fella Committed by Bharadwaj Raju
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Don't attempt to load a nonexistant image when creating thumbnails

When given a path that doesn't exist QImage tries loading that path plus the extensions of all image formats it knows

This  causes unneeded syscalls

We can check once whether the file exists and only attempt to load the image if we know it is there

CCBUG: 458491
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......@@ -404,6 +404,10 @@ QImage ThumbnailProvider::loadThumbnailFromCache() const
return image;
if (!QFileInfo::exists(mThumbnailPath)) {
return {};
image = QImage(mThumbnailPath);
int largeThumbnailGroup = mThumbnailGroup;
while (image.isNull() && ++largeThumbnailGroup <= ThumbnailGroup::XXLarge) {
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