Commit 84c6c47f authored by Alex Richardson's avatar Alex Richardson
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Fix building against Exiv2 main branch

The current main branch of Exiv2 has an API change that makes these
fields private:
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......@@ -559,7 +559,11 @@ QImage JpegContent::thumbnail() const
Exiv2::DataBuf thumbnail = d->mExifData.copyThumbnail();
#if (EXIV2_TEST_VERSION(0, 28, 0))
image.loadFromData(, thumbnail.size());
image.loadFromData(thumbnail.pData_, thumbnail.size_);
auto it = d->mExifData.findKey(Exiv2::ExifKey("Exif.Canon.ThumbnailImageValidArea"));
// ensure ThumbnailImageValidArea actually specifies a rectangle, i.e. there must be 4 coordinates
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