Commit f4963c09 authored by Aurélien Gâteau's avatar Aurélien Gâteau
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Regenerate thumbnails when the files are modified outside of Gwenview

parent bacb72e5
......@@ -471,6 +471,15 @@ void ThumbnailView::rowsInserted(const QModelIndex& parent, int start, int end)
void ThumbnailView::dataChanged(const QModelIndex& topLeft, const QModelIndex& bottomRight) {
QListView::dataChanged(topLeft, bottomRight);
for (int row = topLeft.row(); row <= bottomRight.row(); ++row) {
QModelIndex index = model()->index(row, 0);
KUrl url = urlForIndex(index);
if (!url.isValid()) {
kWarning() << "Invalid url for index" << index << ". This should not happen!";
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