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      Add mouse shortcut for Fill and adapt docbook · 11ed44cd
      __ __ authored
      D14093 will add back middle-clicking to toggle between {nav Fit} (with
      {key F} as its keyboard shortcut) and {nav 100%} zoom. In addition,
      D14094 sets {key Shift F} as a shortcut for {nav Fill}.
      Going along with this, here we add {key Shift}-middle-clicking for
      {nav Fill}. The code is moved to `DocumentView` in order not to
      duplicate the handling of the toggling behaviour.
      We also adapt the docbook accordingly, as some users still seem to read
      the manual.
      CCBUG: 396360
      Depends on D14093
      Test Plan:
      Middle-click multiple times on an image in {nav View} mode and observe
      {nav Fit} is toggled. Repeat while holding down {key Shift} for
      {nav Fill}.
      Proof-read docbook ("View mode" and "Tips" sections).
      Reviewers: #gwenview, muhlenpfordt
      Reviewed By: #gwenview, muhlenpfordt
      Subscribers: muhlenpfordt, kde-doc-english
      Tags: #documentation
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D14103
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      Align slideshow terminology to MPRIS behaviour · beef8f3b
      __ __ authored
      9631043c introduced MPRIS support to Gwenview. Common MPRIS
      controllers often only provide "Pause" in the main interface, with
      "Stop" being non-existent or hidden. Therefore "holding" the slideshow
      was mapped to "Pause". "Play" either "Resumes" automatically advancing
      to the next image, or in non-fullscreen mode switches to fullscreen and
      starts playback. Conversely, "Stop" ends playback and exits from
      To keep consistency, we change the tooltip text of the fullscreen button
      controlling the playback to "Pause". In addition, the internal `enum` is
      adapted accordingly to avoid confusing developers.
      Note that the icon on the button still shows a "Pause" symbol as before
      the patch.
      Ref T8222
      Test Plan:
      Start Gwenview normally, with `-f` and with `-s`, and observe the
      tooltip of the playback button in the top fullscreen toolbar as well as
      the button text in non-fullscreen mode (use {nav Configure Toolbars} to
      add it) make sense in every situation.
      Reviewers: #gwenview, kossebau, muhlenpfordt
      Reviewed By: #gwenview, muhlenpfordt
      Subscribers: ltoscano, muhlenpfordt, huoni, kde-doc-english
      Maniphest Tasks: T8222
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D11495
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      Replace "Fit Width" feature with "Fill" · ba63c8a4
      Silas Lenz authored and __ __'s avatar __ __ committed
      Fit width is arguably less useful than a more general Fill feature. This replaces "Fit Width" with "Fill", fitting width or height, depending on what fills the window.
      FEATURE: 195579
      Test Plan: Use Fill with landscape and portrait pictures with the window in landscape and portrait size.
      Reviewers: #gwenview, ngraham, rkflx
      Reviewed By: #gwenview, ngraham, rkflx
      Subscribers: rkflx, muhlenpfordt, ngraham, #gwenview
      Tags: #gwenview
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D10844
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    • Peter Mühlenpfordt's avatar
      Fix issues with clicking directories in tree view · 8a6a4ea6
      Peter Mühlenpfordt authored
      Selecting another directory in tree while showing an image in view mode,
      opens the first image from the selected directory in view mode. If the
      folder contains subfolders, gwenview selects the first one and switches
      to browse mode.
      This patch changes selection of first **item** back to first **image**
      (introduced in D8934) to fix this and toggles between browse/view mode
      only after clicking the already selected directory in tree.
      Additionally a trailing slash is stripped from the current dir url in
      context manager to fix a failing compare to initially stored dir url.
      BUG: 306835
      Test Plan:
      1. Open image in view mode
      2. Click on another directory in tree view
      -> Should view the first image in new directory
      1. Open image in view mode
      2. Click multiple times on the same directory in tree view
      -> Should toggle browse/view mode
      Reviewers: rkflx
      Reviewed By: rkflx
      Subscribers: ngraham, rkflx
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D9886
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      Allow different ways to handle zoom and position between images · 5572aded
      John Zaitseff authored and Aurélien Gâteau's avatar Aurélien Gâteau committed
      (Taken from bug #337262 )
      Over the years, there has been much discussion about whether the zoom and position should be kept the same between images (see, for example, bug 293103, which I submitted, or bugs 291759, 294915, 321122, 327889, 331412, 334530, 337037 --- there may be more!).  I have even submitted a patch (with bug 293103) which was applied in modified form---thanks!  However, it has been subsequently broken...
      I have come to realise that there are THREE main ways people like to have the zoom and position settings applied to successive images:
      1. Each image should be opened in Zoom to Fit mode, even if the previous image was zoomed in or out and was panned to a different position.  This is Aurélien Gâteau's preferred mode of operation: call it Autofit zoom mode.
      2. The zoom and position settings should be shared across all images.  New images should be opened with the previous image's settings.  If you go back to a previous image (from image B to image A, previously opened), image A's settings should be updated to be those of image B.  This allows you to set zoom and position on an image, then go back and forward to the previous and next image while retaining the settings.  This is MY preferred mode of operation: call it Shared mode.
      3. Each image should remember its own zoom and position settings.  New images should be opened with the previous image's position and zoom, but if you then change image B's zoom/position, this is NOT passed back to image A, if you go back to that image.  This is Abhinav Gangwar's preferred mode of operation, and is what LockZoom implements in Gwenview: call it Individual mode.
      I think people don't mind Autofit being the default, as long as it can be changed.  At the moment, doing so is very non-obvious, and the Shared mode of operation simply does not exist (as of 12th February 2014).
      I am submitting a patch that does the following:
      1. Create a config file option "ZoomMode" with ZoomMode::Autofit, ZoomMode::Shared and ZoomMode::Individual being the choices (Autofit is the default, per Aurélien's preferences).
      2. Remove the now-obsolete ShowLockZoomButton and LockZoom config options.
      3. Remove the Lock Zoom button: it is not visible in Autofit mode anyway, and when a user wants the other modes, they want it on ALL the time, not just some of the time!  Besides, it clutters up the interface :-)
      4. Set the zoom and position settings for each image depending on the ZoomMode selected.
      5. Add a group of three Zoom Mode radio buttons to the Image Settings configuration dialog page: "Autofit each image", "Shared zoom and position" and "Individual (per-image) zoom and position".  I think adding these radio buttons is the most elegant way for users to change this setting, given how non-obvious the current method is (as can be seen by the continual stream of bug reports!).
      REVIEW: 119549
      BUG: 337262
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