Commit 1182058a authored by Frank Steinmetzger's avatar Frank Steinmetzger Committed by Christoph Feck

Fix wrong action name for setDefaultShortcut()

Reviewed by Christoph Feck.

BUG: 355313
FIXED-IN: 16.12.3
parent cba9e8e7
......@@ -151,7 +151,7 @@ FileOpsContextManagerItem::FileOpsContextManagerItem(ContextManager* manager, QL
mCopyToAction = file->addAction("file_copy_to", this, SLOT(copyTo()));
mCopyToAction->setText(i18nc("Verb", "Copy To..."));
actionCollection->setDefaultShortcut(mCopyAction, Qt::Key_F7);
actionCollection->setDefaultShortcut(mCopyToAction, Qt::Key_F7);
mMoveToAction = file->addAction("file_move_to", this, SLOT(moveTo()));
mMoveToAction->setText(i18nc("Verb", "Move To..."));
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