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Commit 3a02df6e authored by Peter Mühlenpfordt's avatar Peter Mühlenpfordt

Fix context menus for Recent Files / Folders on Start Page

On {nav Start Page > Recent Files} the context menu is missing and
right clicking on an item switches to View Mode.
This patch adds the context menu to {nav Recent Files} tab items
with the entries {nav Add Containing Folder to Places},
{nav Forget This File} and {nav Forget All Files}. The entries on
the {nav Recent Folders} tab are renamed accordingly.

Ref T8194
FIXED-IN: 18.04.0

Test Plan:
* Open some images to populate the recent files/folders lists
* Go to {nav Start Page}
* Right click on file / folder items to show context menu
* Check actions to execute correctly
* Check if clear actions for recent files sync with {nav File > Open Recent}

Reviewers: #gwenview, rkflx

Reviewed By: #gwenview, rkflx

Subscribers: rkflx

Maniphest Tasks: T8194

Differential Revision:
parent 312ab20c
......@@ -342,6 +342,12 @@ struct MainWindow::Private
mStartMainPage = new StartMainPage(parent, mGvCore);
connect(mStartMainPage, SIGNAL(urlSelected(QUrl)),
q, SLOT(slotStartMainPageUrlSelected(QUrl)));
connect(mStartMainPage, &StartMainPage::recentFileRemoved, [this](const QUrl& url) {
connect(mStartMainPage, &StartMainPage::recentFilesCleared, [this]() {
void installDisabledActionShortcutMonitor(QAction* action, const char* slot)
......@@ -41,7 +41,9 @@ Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Cambridge, MA 02110-1301, USA
// Local
#include <gvcore.h>
#include <ui_startmainpage.h>
#include <lib/dialogguard.h>
#include <lib/flowlayout.h>
#include <lib/gvdebug.h>
#include <lib/gwenviewconfig.h>
#include <lib/thumbnailview/abstractthumbnailviewhelper.h>
#include <lib/thumbnailview/previewitemdelegate.h>
......@@ -171,12 +173,17 @@ StartMainPage::StartMainPage(QWidget* parent, GvCore* gvCore)
// Tag view
connect(d->mTagView, &QListView::clicked, this, &StartMainPage::slotTagViewClicked);
// Recent folder view
connect(d->mRecentFoldersView, &Gwenview::ThumbnailView::indexActivated, this, &StartMainPage::slotListViewActivated);
// Recent folders view
connect(d->mRecentFoldersView, &Gwenview::ThumbnailView::indexActivated,
this, &StartMainPage::slotListViewActivated);
connect(d->mRecentFoldersView, &Gwenview::ThumbnailView::customContextMenuRequested,
this, &StartMainPage::showContextMenu);
connect(d->mRecentFoldersView, &Gwenview::ThumbnailView::customContextMenuRequested, this, &StartMainPage::showRecentFoldersViewContextMenu);
connect(d->mRecentFilesView, &Gwenview::ThumbnailView::indexActivated, this, &StartMainPage::slotListViewActivated);
// Recent files view
connect(d->mRecentFilesView, &Gwenview::ThumbnailView::indexActivated,
this, &StartMainPage::slotListViewActivated);
connect(d->mRecentFilesView, &Gwenview::ThumbnailView::customContextMenuRequested,
this, &StartMainPage::showContextMenu);
connect(GwenviewConfig::self(), &GwenviewConfig::configChanged, this, &StartMainPage::loadConfig);
......@@ -257,45 +264,60 @@ void StartMainPage::showEvent(QShowEvent* event)
void StartMainPage::showRecentFoldersViewContextMenu(const QPoint& pos)
void StartMainPage::showContextMenu(const QPoint& pos)
QAbstractItemView* view = qobject_cast<QAbstractItemView*>(sender());
QUrl url;
QModelIndex index = view->indexAt(pos);
if (index.isValid()) {
QVariant data =;
url = data.toUrl();
// Create menu
QMenu menu(this);
QAction* addToPlacesAction = menu.addAction(QIcon::fromTheme("bookmark-new"), i18n("Add to Places"));
QAction* removeAction = menu.addAction(QIcon::fromTheme("edit-delete"), i18n("Forget this Folder"));
QAction* clearAction = menu.addAction(QIcon::fromTheme("edit-delete-all"), i18n("Forget All"));
if (!index.isValid()) {
if (addToPlacesAction) {
DialogGuard<QMenu> menu(this);
QAction* addAction = menu->addAction(QIcon::fromTheme("bookmark-new"), QString());
QAction* forgetAction = menu->addAction(QIcon::fromTheme("edit-delete"), QString());
QAction* forgetAllAction = menu->addAction(QIcon::fromTheme("edit-delete-all"), QString());
if (d->mHistoryWidget->currentWidget() == d->mRecentFoldersTab) {
addAction->setText(i18nc("@action Recent Folders view", "Add Folder to Places"));
forgetAction->setText(i18nc("@action Recent Folders view", "Forget This Folder"));
forgetAllAction->setText(i18nc("@action Recent Folders view", "Forget All Folders"));
} else if (d->mHistoryWidget->currentWidget() == d->mRecentFilesTab) {
addAction->setText(i18nc("@action Recent Files view", "Add Containing Folder to Places"));
forgetAction->setText(i18nc("@action Recent Files view", "Forget This File"));
forgetAllAction->setText(i18nc("@action Recent Files view", "Forget All Files"));
} else {
GV_WARN_AND_RETURN("Context menu not implemented on this tab page");
const QAbstractItemView* view = qobject_cast<QAbstractItemView*>(sender());
const QModelIndex index = view->indexAt(pos);
// Handle menu
QAction* action = menu.exec(view->mapToGlobal(pos));
const QAction* action = menu->exec(view->mapToGlobal(pos));
if (!action) {
if (action == addToPlacesAction) {
const QVariant data =;
QUrl url = data.toUrl();
if (action == addAction) {
if (d->mHistoryWidget->currentWidget() == d->mRecentFilesTab) {
url = url.adjusted(QUrl::RemoveFilename);
QString text = url.adjusted(QUrl::StripTrailingSlash).fileName();
if (text.isEmpty()) {
text = url.toDisplayString();
d->mBookmarksModel->addPlace(text, url);
} else if (action == removeAction) {
} else if (action == forgetAction) {
} else if (action == clearAction) {
if (d->mHistoryWidget->currentWidget() == d->mRecentFilesTab) {
emit recentFileRemoved(url);
} else if (action == forgetAllAction) {
view->model()->removeRows(0, view->model()->rowCount());
if (d->mHistoryWidget->currentWidget() == d->mRecentFilesTab) {
emit recentFilesCleared();
......@@ -53,6 +53,8 @@ public:
void urlSelected(const QUrl &url);
void recentFileRemoved(const QUrl& url);
void recentFilesCleared();
public Q_SLOTS:
void loadConfig();
......@@ -62,11 +64,12 @@ protected:
private Q_SLOTS:
void slotListViewActivated(const QModelIndex& index);
void showRecentFoldersViewContextMenu(const QPoint& pos);
void slotTagViewClicked(const QModelIndex& index);
StartMainPagePrivate* const d;
void showContextMenu(const QPoint& pos);
} // namespace
......@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@
<property name="documentMode">
<widget class="QWidget" name="tab">
<widget class="QWidget" name="mRecentFoldersTab">
<attribute name="title">
<string>Recent Folders</string>
......@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@
<widget class="QWidget" name="tab_2">
<widget class="QWidget" name="mRecentFilesTab">
<attribute name="title">
<string>Recent Files</string>
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