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Commit a930fb54 authored by Nathaniel Graham's avatar Nathaniel Graham Committed by Albert Astals Cid

Add 16:9 crop preset to Gwenview

BUG: 364007

Add a 16:9 crop preset.

Test Plan:
Tested in KDE Neon (dev unstable). Works fine:


Reviewers: #kde_applications, aacid, broulik, cfeck

Reviewed By: broulik

Differential Revision:
parent 779c75b6
......@@ -131,6 +131,7 @@ struct CropWidgetPrivate : public Ui_CropWidget
QList<QSizeF> ratioList;
const qreal sqrt2 = qSqrt(2.);
<< QSizeF(16, 9)
<< QSizeF(7, 5)
<< QSizeF(3, 2)
<< QSizeF(4, 3)
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