Commit 66c17816 authored by Tobias C. Berner's avatar Tobias C. Berner Committed by Adriaan de Groot
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Populate the mailclient drop down also on FreeBSD.

Reviewers: #freebsd, cgilles

Differential Revision:
parent f129c3fd
......@@ -92,7 +92,7 @@ SettingsWidget::SettingsWidget(QWidget* const parent)
d->mailAgentName = new QComboBox(this);
d->mailAgentName->insertItem(EmailSettings::DEFAULT, i18nc("default desktop mail agent", "Default"));
#ifdef Q_OS_LINUX
#if defined(Q_OS_LINUX) || defined(Q_OS_FREEBSD)
d->mailAgentName->insertItem(EmailSettings::BALSA, QLatin1String("Balsa"));
d->mailAgentName->insertItem(EmailSettings::CLAWSMAIL, QLatin1String("Claws Mail"));
d->mailAgentName->insertItem(EmailSettings::EVOLUTION, QLatin1String("Evolution"));
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