Commit c3c9b965 authored by Gilles Caulier's avatar Gilles Caulier 🗼
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parent 31565cb5
......@@ -114,9 +114,7 @@ bool Texture::load(const QString& fn, const QSize& size, GLuint tn)
d->texnr = tn;
// check if its a RAW file.
QString rawFilesExt(KDcraw::rawFiles());
QFileInfo fileInfo(fn);
if (rawFilesExt.toUpper().contains( fileInfo.suffix().toUpper() ))
if (KPMetadata::isRawFile(d->filename))
// it's a RAW file, use the libkdcraw loader
KDcraw::loadDcrawPreview(d->qimage, d->filename);
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