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      Fix iterator · 4336e348
      Laurent Montel authored
      svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdegraphics/kolourpaint/; revision=882946
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      Fix saving an image as truecolor, on an 8-bit screen i.e. fix... · d8105aa5
      Clarence Dang authored
      Fix saving an image as truecolor, on an 8-bit screen i.e. fix kpEffectReduceColors::convertImageDepth(32) [it turns out we never tested that code path, in KolourPaint/KDE4, so put back the TODO; KolourPaint/KDE3 is fine because there's a QImage::convertDepth() in Qt3, rather than QImage::convertToFormat()].  Internally, "24-bit" images have a depth of 32, in line with QImage.
      Add plenty of comments and debug.
      svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdegraphics/kolourpaint/; revision=725704
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      Improve stability of opening, saving and preview saving (for theoretically executable code paths): · 9617acbd
      Clarence Dang authored
      * Don't crash if KImageIO::typeForMime() returns an empty list
        [BTW, that method should be renamed to KImageIO::type___s___ForMime()]
      * kpDocument::getPixmapFile()
        - Don't crash on null KMimeType::Ptr deref
        - Use KMimeType::findByUrl(), instead of findByFileContent(), to mimick the
          KolourPaint/KDE3 behavior (note that KDE3's call to findByUrl() actually passed the
          temp file, not the URL, which is a bit bogus since there's no gaurantee
          that the temp file would have the same extension)
      * kpDocumentSaveOptionsWidget::updatePreview()
        - Ignore any failed saves (we don't backport to KDE3 since the bug is
          harmless since the failed saving will be discovered as soon as the user
          presses the final OK button in KFileDialog)
      svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdegraphics/kolourpaint/; revision=723632
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      * Make KolourPaint actually start on 32-bit screens · 46ad2831
      Clarence Dang authored
        (which are subtlely different to 24-bit), instead of assert-dying
        due to the pixmaps having alpha channels by default
        - We use a very nasty technique -- disable XRENDER.  As a result,
          all of KolourPaint looks crap.  If I have time, I'll fix this
        - Add kpPixmapFX::has{Mask,AlphaChannel}() which have special 32-bit
          screen handling
      CCMAIL: Pino Toscano <toscano.pino@tiscali.it>
      Other changes:
      * Add kpPixmapFX::initMaskOps(), which is called by the new kpPixmapFX::init(),
        which is called by kolourpaint.cpp:main()
        - Includes the disable-XRENDER hack
        - Compile-time #warning that KolourPaint only works on X11
        - Move kolourpaint.cpp paletted-screen warning into here
          - This helps to centralize the alpha-related hacks
      * Instead of assert-crashing the program on KP_PFX_CHECK_NO_ALPHA_CHANNEL,
        simply kError() [configurable without recompiling all of KolourPaint by
        changing the return value of the new kpPixmapFX::checkNoAlphaChannelInternal()]
      * kpPixmapFX::ensureOpaqueAt()
        - Fix bogus check for whether a mask does not exist
        - Cache the mask
      * Rename kpPixmapFX::convertToImage() to kpPixmapFX::convertToQImage()
      * kpPixmapFX:
        - Document more fully the paint engine assumptions (regarding no-alpha-channel)
        - Style
      * Use "image"/kpImage instead of "pixmap"/QPixmap for document image data
      * kpMainWindow_File.cpp: compile-time warning that wallpaper setting is not
        implemented for non-X11
      * kpImage:
        - Make kpImage a class instead of a typedef, to slowly migrate to an opaque
          kpImage (for the future image library)
        - +APIDoc
      svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdegraphics/kolourpaint/; revision=713884
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      Merge /branches/work/~dang/kdegraphics/kolourpaint/ -r651355(last merged upto):692068 · ad66ce6b
      Clarence Dang authored
      to be up-to-date, in time for feature freeze.
      This represents more than 3 months worth of changes that make KolourPaint a lot better.
      However, KolourPaint still needs a lot of work to just work.
      The merge took longer than expected as I had to fight SVN quite a bit :(
      I'm worried about libkolourpaint_lgpl and symbol visibility as I saw some
      KDE_EXPORT stuff.  Could someone who knows more about this please look into it?
      Thanks in advance!
      Forward ports from branches/KDE/3.5/:
      * Scanning fixes
      * Save local files atomically
      * Implement rudimentary global session management
      * Drop overly-spammed and unchangeable kolourpaint-support@lists.sourceforge.net
      * "File / Open Recent" fixes
      * CTRL+C'ing a text box also places the text in the middle-mouse-button
        clipboard, in lieu of being able to highlight the text to do this
      * Change minimum allowed zoom level for the grid from 600% to 400%
      Unique changes (not in branches/KDE/3.5/):
      * Remove individual "Thanks To".  Unfortunately, it became unrealistic to keep track of everyone so I give up.  It made me feel really bad to have an incomplete list.
      * Change rotate menu items to be consistent with Digikam; "Image / Rotate..." goes back to CTRL+R 
      * Add, to the print dialog, a choice between printing the image at the
        top-left of the page or at the center (this was previously a hidden
        configuration option, which is now ignored) [Bug #133481]
      * Add Zoom Tool
      * Add "Image / Drag Opaque"
      * kpTool::mouseReleaseEvent() finally calls draw() before endDraw().
        This means that a quick drag of the mouse immediately before releasing the
        mouse button is no longer ignored in tools that implement just draw()
        and not endDraw() [not sure there are such tools anymore though].
      * Add Tone Enhance effect (Mike Gashler)
      * Add "File / Properties..."
      * Decouple from kpMainWindow using kp*Environment facades
      * Massive selection code refactor
        - Support creating text selections that are only borders (contain no text
          and will not mutate document-is-modified state) i.e. you will be able to
          drag out text boxes and cancel them without affecting the document-is-modified flag.
          [this currently does not work due to lack of support from kpToolText]
      * Identify a number of KolourPaint/KDE3 bugs (added TODOs)
      * Make all selection tools work
      * Rename kpTempPixmap -> kpTempImage
      * Split kpCommandSize out of kpPixmapFX
      * Much other refactoring
      * Configurable color palette and "Colors" menu
      * Animate the Color Similarity Tool Bar Item, to highlight the existence
        of the feature
        - And make the configuration more accessible
          - Also add "Image / Draw With Color Similarity" to duplicate the tool
            bar item
      * Add support library containing LGPL code derived from elsewhere
      svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdegraphics/kolourpaint/; revision=692114
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      Merge /branches/work/~dang/kdegraphics/kolourpaint/ -r651231(branch... · 69f41a6a
      Clarence Dang authored
      Merge /branches/work/~dang/kdegraphics/kolourpaint/ -r651231(branch base):651305 to be up-to-date.  The changes were massive but non-functional:
      * Change to CamelCase filenames
      * A small amount of renaming of methods and filenames
      * Split kpcolortoolbar.{h,cpp}
      * Copyright 2007
      This removes the lazy <kpdocumentsaveoptions.h> and <kpdocument.h>
      forwarding headers that created trouble on case-insensitive file systems
      (MacOS X).
      CCMAIL: Benjamin Reed <rangerrick@befunk.com>
      "svn merge" seems very slow - I'm glad nobody committed in the meantime!
      svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdegraphics/kolourpaint/; revision=651306
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