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      Make GitLab render the README · 98aca4ec
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      GitLab renders markdown by default in the project page. Rename the
      README to README.md, and update the formatting a bit so that it renders
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      Update docs · cfdb01bb
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      svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdegraphics/kolourpaint/; revision=725451
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      Commit rough color palette and toolbar work: · 4ca41031
      Clarence Dang authored
      * Toolbar work: Tool Box & Color Tool Bar
        - Change from KToolBar to QDockWidget base
          - Nice side-effect: kpColorToolBar gets a QDockWidget resize grip
          - Lets us use QMainWindow::setCorner() so that Tool Box can take all the vertical space, since it can be quite tall with all its tool option widgets
          - Prevents KMainWindow from managing tool bar position so that we can force toolbars to be in a default and fixed place - this works around all the current quirks (due to the effects of QToolBar::setOrientation() no longer being virtual -- though, I actually saw an orientationChanged() signal now -- and probably other reasons):
            1. Toolbars staying on top of even non-KolourPaint windows when KolourPaint is not the foreground window
            2. Not being dockable when undocked
        - kpColorToolBar: use proper QSpacerItem instead of a fake widget (this looks better on e.g. Keramik style)
        - For component widgets, make them all do the following to avoid Qt layout oddities:
          1. setSizePolicy() themselves, rather than nobody doing it or leaving it up to the users
          2. Use setMinimumSize() instead of setFixedSize() and also don't use QSizePolicy::Fixed (don't know why this is required)
      * Color editing work
        - Split queryClose() into queryCloseDocument() and new queryCloseColors()
        - Start fix reloading and modified-state to work (regarding modified state, what is missing is drag-and-drop affecting it and a lot of testing)
        - kpColorCollection
          - Introduce openKDE() method to replace ctor functionality and allow error-handling
          - Add "showOverwritePrompt" argument to saveAs()
          - Rename save() to saveKDE()
        - kpColorCells
          - Add colorCollection() and saveColorCollection()
          - Tweak ::Palette{Column,Rows}()
          - When there are >= 3 rows, reduce the heights of each cell only -- not the width -- and only to 17, not to 13 (so you can fit 3 larger rows, not 4 smaller ones; height of all the cells is 52)
          - Clicking no longer takes tab focus away from main view
            Testcase: When a text box is active, clicking to change the background color
                      should not move the keyboard focus away from the text box.
      * kpColorPalette
        - Add buttons to resize the color palette (TODO: revert this straight away since kpColorToolBar being  QDockWidget already gives us a resize grip, that is more intuitive)
        - Make sure kpColorCells are horizontally centered inside the scrollarea
      * Documentation
        - Set target freeze date as Oct 21
        - Mark clearly as BETA
        - Document toolbar regressions
      * Style, +/- debug
      svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdegraphics/kolourpaint/; revision=715735
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      Merge /branches/work/~dang/kdegraphics/kolourpaint/ -r651355(last merged upto):692068 · ad66ce6b
      Clarence Dang authored
      to be up-to-date, in time for feature freeze.
      This represents more than 3 months worth of changes that make KolourPaint a lot better.
      However, KolourPaint still needs a lot of work to just work.
      The merge took longer than expected as I had to fight SVN quite a bit :(
      I'm worried about libkolourpaint_lgpl and symbol visibility as I saw some
      KDE_EXPORT stuff.  Could someone who knows more about this please look into it?
      Thanks in advance!
      Forward ports from branches/KDE/3.5/:
      * Scanning fixes
      * Save local files atomically
      * Implement rudimentary global session management
      * Drop overly-spammed and unchangeable kolourpaint-support@lists.sourceforge.net
      * "File / Open Recent" fixes
      * CTRL+C'ing a text box also places the text in the middle-mouse-button
        clipboard, in lieu of being able to highlight the text to do this
      * Change minimum allowed zoom level for the grid from 600% to 400%
      Unique changes (not in branches/KDE/3.5/):
      * Remove individual "Thanks To".  Unfortunately, it became unrealistic to keep track of everyone so I give up.  It made me feel really bad to have an incomplete list.
      * Change rotate menu items to be consistent with Digikam; "Image / Rotate..." goes back to CTRL+R 
      * Add, to the print dialog, a choice between printing the image at the
        top-left of the page or at the center (this was previously a hidden
        configuration option, which is now ignored) [Bug #133481]
      * Add Zoom Tool
      * Add "Image / Drag Opaque"
      * kpTool::mouseReleaseEvent() finally calls draw() before endDraw().
        This means that a quick drag of the mouse immediately before releasing the
        mouse button is no longer ignored in tools that implement just draw()
        and not endDraw() [not sure there are such tools anymore though].
      * Add Tone Enhance effect (Mike Gashler)
      * Add "File / Properties..."
      * Decouple from kpMainWindow using kp*Environment facades
      * Massive selection code refactor
        - Support creating text selections that are only borders (contain no text
          and will not mutate document-is-modified state) i.e. you will be able to
          drag out text boxes and cancel them without affecting the document-is-modified flag.
          [this currently does not work due to lack of support from kpToolText]
      * Identify a number of KolourPaint/KDE3 bugs (added TODOs)
      * Make all selection tools work
      * Rename kpTempPixmap -> kpTempImage
      * Split kpCommandSize out of kpPixmapFX
      * Much other refactoring
      * Configurable color palette and "Colors" menu
      * Animate the Color Similarity Tool Bar Item, to highlight the existence
        of the feature
        - And make the configuration more accessible
          - Also add "Image / Draw With Color Similarity" to duplicate the tool
            bar item
      * Add support library containing LGPL code derived from elsewhere
      svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdegraphics/kolourpaint/; revision=692114
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      Merge /branches/work/~dang/kdegraphics/kolourpaint/ -r651231(branch... · 69f41a6a
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      Merge /branches/work/~dang/kdegraphics/kolourpaint/ -r651231(branch base):651305 to be up-to-date.  The changes were massive but non-functional:
      * Change to CamelCase filenames
      * A small amount of renaming of methods and filenames
      * Split kpcolortoolbar.{h,cpp}
      * Copyright 2007
      This removes the lazy <kpdocumentsaveoptions.h> and <kpdocument.h>
      forwarding headers that created trouble on case-insensitive file systems
      (MacOS X).
      CCMAIL: Benjamin Reed <rangerrick@befunk.com>
      "svn merge" seems very slow - I'm glad nobody committed in the meantime!
      svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdegraphics/kolourpaint/; revision=651306
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      copyright 2006 · 7ada69c5
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      svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdegraphics/kolourpaint/; revision=536874
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      * Fix untranslated "Tool Box" and "Color Box" toolbar labels · 017d3c4c
      Clarence Dang authored
        (BTW, the KToolBar/QToolBar API for this is quite poor since it doesn't accept a translated name in the ctor; anyway, KToolBar::setText() is the one to use but KToolBar::setTitle() should not be used and ktoolbar.h doxygen is misleading)
      Sorry for the delay.
      kde-i18n-doc, should I backport to KDE 3.3 and 3.4 as well (Debian still uses 3.3 for their stable)?
      CCMAIL: 114951@bugs.kde.org, kde-i18n-doc@kde.org
      svn path=/branches/KDE/3.5/kdegraphics/kolourpaint/; revision=478905
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      1.4_light2-pre · 59db5987
      Clarence Dang authored
      master NEWS idea is dumped - now it only contains changes for the version in devel (reduces maintenance hassle of updating it every time some branch's NEWS changes; fixes issue of initial KDE branch freeze for a new version not permitting switching it to branch-only NEWS);
      README: - INSTALL, TODO ref; + branches/kolourpaint/control/ ref
      svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdegraphics/kolourpaint/; revision=437276
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      countdown :) · f28eef98
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      countdown · 2c944a2a
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