1. 25 Jul, 2020 5 commits
  2. 24 Jul, 2020 3 commits
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      Fix warning on launch from QCommandLineParser · c95a44a3
      Johannes Zarl-Zierl authored
      This fixes the following warnings when starting kphotoalbum:
      QCommandLineParser: already having an option named "h"
      QCommandLineParser: already having an option named "help-all"
      QCommandLineParser: already having an option named "v"
      These options are already added by KAboutData::setupCommandLine().
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      Fix bugfix in commit ac5370fb · 717d69a6
      Johannes Zarl-Zierl authored
      Fix regression introduced by d34534b5.
      Implementing a format string conversion for "%0X" correctly and in a
      backwards compatible mode has proven to be harder than I thought.
      So I opted to replace the deprecated QString::sprintf() with
      QString::asprintf(), which is not recommended for new code but not
      deprecated either.
      Note: if you ever reimplement this, check the following characters for
       " " -> "_.20"
       "%" -> "_.25"
       "&" -> "_.26"
       "ä" -> "_.FFFFFFE4"
       "ö" -> "_.FFFFFFF6"
       "ü" -> "_.FFFFFFFC"
       "⌘" -> "_.0" //note: this is incorrect behaviour
       "\uD83D" -> "_.0" //note: this is incorrect behaviour
       "\uDE03" -> "_.0" //note: this is incorrect behaviour
      The incorrectly escaped characters won't be a problem immediately,
      because the attribute will be correctly mapped to the right category.
      This just means that all of the last three example characters will be
      mapped to the same string, leading to possible ambiguities.
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      Adjust result of testcase old-index.xml/v2.2 · 6de35fc2
      Johannes Zarl-Zierl authored
      See ab47cb0b for details
  3. 22 Jul, 2020 5 commits
  4. 21 Jul, 2020 1 commit
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      Start fixing test failures introduced by 185b1344 · 586fc3e5
      Johannes Zarl-Zierl authored
      When I fixed the MD5 sums in the demo database in April, I didn't pay
      attention to the consequences for the integration tests that this would
      Mainly, the MD5 sums also need to be fixed in all test cases. This is
      done in this commit.
      Additionally, the fixup in April introduces some errors into the demo
      database: angle="x" was removed erraneously even where x != 0 (this is
      also fixed by this commit), and timestamps were changed incorrectly.
      This is also fixed.
      At this point, though, only 1/8 tests succeeds - more investigation is
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