Commit 3e810e68 authored by Jonathan Colman's avatar Jonathan Colman Committed by Dmitry Kazakov
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Fix Zoom Shortcut ordering

Previous commit inserted ZoomToHeightShortcut after ZoomToWidthShortcut
in Shortcuts enum. This result in RelativeZoomModeShortcut's
combinations to shortcut to "Fit Page Height" instead.

Fixed by moving ZoomToHeightShortcut to end of enum.

parent 6191b915
......@@ -40,9 +40,9 @@ public:
ZoomResetShortcut, ///< Reset zoom to 100%.
ZoomToPageShortcut, ///< Zoom fit to page.
ZoomToWidthShortcut, ///< Zoom fit to width.
ZoomToHeightShortcut, ///< Zoom fit to height.
RelativeZoomModeShortcut, ///< Toggle zoom mode relative to cursor
RelativeDiscreteZoomModeShortcut ///< Toggle discrete zoom mode relative to cursor
RelativeDiscreteZoomModeShortcut, ///< Toggle discrete zoom mode relative to cursor
ZoomToHeightShortcut ///< Zoom fit to height.
explicit KisZoomAction();
~KisZoomAction() override;
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