Commit 3ffa4bdf authored by Agata Cacko's avatar Agata Cacko
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Change blending mode name to Luminosity/Shine (SAI)

New name is consistent with the change of the name in SAI2
and shows the purpose of the blending mode better.
parent 4be84156
......@@ -96,7 +96,7 @@ KoCompositeOpRegistry::KoCompositeOpRegistry()
m_map.insert(m_categories[3], KoID(COMPOSITE_TINT_IFS_ILLUSIONS, i18n("Tint (IFS Illusions)")));
m_map.insert(m_categories[3], KoID(COMPOSITE_FOG_LIGHTEN_IFS_ILLUSIONS, i18n("Fog Lighten (IFS Illusions)")));
m_map.insert(m_categories[3], KoID(COMPOSITE_EASY_DODGE , i18n("Easy Dodge")));
m_map.insert(m_categories[3], KoID(COMPOSITE_LUMINOSITY_SAI , i18n("Luminosity (SAI)")));
m_map.insert(m_categories[3], KoID(COMPOSITE_LUMINOSITY_SAI , i18n("Luminosity/Shine (SAI)")));
m_map.insert(m_categories[4], KoID(COMPOSITE_MOD , i18n("Modulo")));
m_map.insert(m_categories[4], KoID(COMPOSITE_MOD_CON , i18n("Modulo - Continuous")));
......@@ -320,7 +320,7 @@ struct AddGeneralAlphaOps<Traits, true>
static void add(KoColorSpace* cs)
add<&cfAdditionSAI <HSVType,Arg> >(cs, COMPOSITE_LUMINOSITY_SAI , i18n("Luminosity (SAI)") , KoCompositeOp::categoryHSV());
add<&cfAdditionSAI <HSVType,Arg> >(cs, COMPOSITE_LUMINOSITY_SAI , i18n("Luminosity/Shine (SAI)") , KoCompositeOp::categoryHSV());
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