Commit 42ce952f authored by Wolthera van Hövell's avatar Wolthera van Hövell 🛍
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Adding tangent normal map blending mode to krita.

This patch adds a tangent normal map blending mode to Krita. It works by
taking the base value and substracting that from the destination before adding
it onto the source. It's still experimental in that it needs testing.

It's to be found under misc.

I had a huge fight with git to get my working branch synced to master,
and I am pretty sure it's clean now, but if I messed up the branch, feel free
to revert this commit.
parent 5690ee8b
......@@ -88,6 +88,7 @@ KoCompositeOpRegistry::KoCompositeOpRegistry()
m_map.insert(m_categories[5], KoID(COMPOSITE_COPY_GREEN, i18n("Copy Green")));
m_map.insert(m_categories[5], KoID(COMPOSITE_COPY_BLUE , i18n("Copy Blue")));
m_map.insert(m_categories[5], KoID(COMPOSITE_COPY , i18n("Copy")));
m_map.insert(m_categories[5], KoID(COMPOSITE_TANGENT_NORMALMAP, i18n("Tangent Normalmap")));
m_map.insert(m_categories[6], KoID(COMPOSITE_COLOR , i18n("Color")));
m_map.insert(m_categories[6], KoID(COMPOSITE_HUE , i18n("Hue")));
......@@ -118,6 +118,7 @@ const QString COMPOSITE_COPY = "copy";
const QString COMPOSITE_COPY_RED = "copy_red";
const QString COMPOSITE_COPY_GREEN = "copy_green";
const QString COMPOSITE_COPY_BLUE = "copy_blue";
const QString COMPOSITE_TANGENT_NORMALMAP = "tangent_normalmap";
const QString COMPOSITE_COLORIZE = "colorize";
const QString COMPOSITE_BUMPMAP = "bumpmap";
......@@ -83,6 +83,18 @@ inline void cfHue(TReal sr, TReal sg, TReal sb, TReal& dr, TReal& dg, TReal& db)
setLightness<HSXType>(dr, dg, db, lum);
template<class HSXType, class TReal>
inline void cfTangentNormalmap(TReal sr, TReal sg, TReal sb, TReal& dr, TReal& dg, TReal& db) {
using namespace Arithmetic;
TReal half=halfValue<TReal>();
dr = sr+(dr-half);
dg = sg+(dg-half);
db = sb+(db-unitValue<TReal>());
template<class T>
inline T cfColorBurn(T src, T dst) {
using namespace Arithmetic;
......@@ -165,6 +165,7 @@ struct AddRGBOps<Traits, true>
cs->addCompositeOp(new KoCompositeOpCopyChannel<Traits,red_pos >(cs, COMPOSITE_COPY_RED , i18n("Copy Red") , KoCompositeOp::categoryMisc()));
cs->addCompositeOp(new KoCompositeOpCopyChannel<Traits,green_pos>(cs, COMPOSITE_COPY_GREEN, i18n("Copy Green"), KoCompositeOp::categoryMisc()));
cs->addCompositeOp(new KoCompositeOpCopyChannel<Traits,blue_pos >(cs, COMPOSITE_COPY_BLUE , i18n("Copy Blue") , KoCompositeOp::categoryMisc()));
add<&cfTangentNormalmap <HSYType,Arg> >(cs, COMPOSITE_TANGENT_NORMALMAP , i18n("Tangent Normalmap") , KoCompositeOp::categoryMisc());
add<&cfColor <HSYType,Arg> >(cs, COMPOSITE_COLOR , i18n("Color") , KoCompositeOp::categoryHSY());
add<&cfHue <HSYType,Arg> >(cs, COMPOSITE_HUE , i18n("Hue") , KoCompositeOp::categoryHSY());
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