Commit 67b8335b authored by Dmitry Kazakov's avatar Dmitry Kazakov
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Fix a crash in thumbnail generation

The dirty layers might have been removed from the image between
the dirty notification and the thumbnails update pass.

parent 1245a9a0
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......@@ -1106,7 +1106,8 @@ void LayerBox::notifyThumbnailDirty()
void LayerBox::updateDirtyThumbnails()
Q_FOREACH (const QModelIndex &index, m_dirtyThumbnailNodes) {
Q_FOREACH (const QPersistentModelIndex &index, m_dirtyThumbnailNodes) {
if (!index.isValid()) continue;
......@@ -187,7 +187,7 @@ private:
KisNodeWSP m_savedNodeBeforeEditSelectionMode;
bool m_blockOpacityUpdate {false};
KisSignalAutoConnectionsStore m_activeNodeConnections;
QSet<QModelIndex> m_dirtyThumbnailNodes;
QSet<QPersistentModelIndex> m_dirtyThumbnailNodes;
KisIdleWatcher m_idleWatcher;
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