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Commit 6ab2d913 authored by Eoin O'Neill's avatar Eoin O'Neill 🍀

Fix Rendering Fail on First Render After Switching to video/ogg Container Type.

Quick fix to rendering changes not registering properly after changing container
formats. Comment is added for the time being since the solution is not immediately

NOTE: Rendering window still needs simplification, too much state is leading to a
fickle codebase.

parent 24f5bf41
......@@ -321,6 +321,18 @@ void KisDlgAnimationRenderer::selectRenderType(int index)
m_wantsRenderWithHDR = (mimeType == "video/mp4") ? m_wantsRenderWithHDR : false;
{ // We've got to reload the render settings to account for the user changing render type without configuration.
// If this is removed from the configuration, ogg vorbis can fail to render on first attempt. BUG:421658
// This should be revisited at some point, too much configuration juggling in this class makes it error-prone...
KisConfig cfg(true);
KisPropertiesConfigurationSP settings = cfg.exportConfiguration("VIDEO_ENCODER");
getDefaultVideoEncoderOptions(mimeType, settings,
void KisDlgAnimationRenderer::selectRenderOptions()
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