Commit 6ddf4a12 authored by Agata Cacko's avatar Agata Cacko
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Fix updates in Histogram docker

Before this commit, in some situations the Histogram docker
wouldn't update after some time.
This commit ensures it will update.
parent cb818205
......@@ -67,6 +67,7 @@ void HistogramDockerDock::setCanvas(KoCanvasBase * canvas)
if (m_canvas) {
connect(m_imageIdleWatcher, &KisIdleWatcher::startedIdleMode, this, &HistogramDockerDock::updateHistogram, Qt::UniqueConnection);
connect(m_canvas->image(), SIGNAL(sigImageUpdated(QRect)), this, SLOT(startUpdateCanvasProjection()), Qt::UniqueConnection);
connect(m_canvas->image(), SIGNAL(sigColorSpaceChanged(const KoColorSpace*)), this, SLOT(sigColorSpaceChanged(const KoColorSpace*)), Qt::UniqueConnection);
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