Commit 8bf0fc58 authored by Sharaf Zaman's avatar Sharaf Zaman
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Bugfix Android: flickering tiles on OpenGL canvas


(cherry picked from commit 34d7b5a2)
parent ec43d9e2
......@@ -1166,7 +1166,7 @@ QRect KisOpenGLCanvas2::updateCanvasProjection(KisUpdateInfoSP info)
QVector<QRect> KisOpenGLCanvas2::updateCanvasProjection(const QVector<KisUpdateInfoSP> &infoObjects)
#ifdef Q_OS_MACOS
#if defined(Q_OS_MACOS) || defined(Q_OS_ANDROID)
* On OSX openGL different (shared) contexts have different execution queues.
* It means that the textures uploading and their painting can be easily reordered.
......@@ -1182,7 +1182,7 @@ QVector<QRect> KisOpenGLCanvas2::updateCanvasProjection(const QVector<KisUpdateI
QVector<QRect> result = KisCanvasWidgetBase::updateCanvasProjection(infoObjects);
#ifdef Q_OS_MACOS
#if defined(Q_OS_MACOS) || defined(Q_OS_ANDROID)
if (oldContext) {
} else {
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