Commit 967cb9c8 authored by Halla Rempt's avatar Halla Rempt
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add rgb ops to rgb as well as bgr colorspaces

parent b366cad5
......@@ -166,11 +166,13 @@ struct AddRGBOps<Traits, true>
static const qint32 blue_pos = Traits::blue_pos;
template<void compositeFunc(Arg, Arg, Arg, Arg&, Arg&, Arg&)>
static void add(KoColorSpace* cs, const QString& id, const QString& description, const QString& category) {
cs->addCompositeOp(new KoCompositeOpGenericHSL<Traits, compositeFunc>(cs, id, description, category));
static void add(KoColorSpace* cs) {
cs->addCompositeOp(new KoCompositeOpCopyChannel<Traits,red_pos >(cs, COMPOSITE_COPY_RED , i18n("Copy Red") , KoCompositeOp::categoryMisc()));
cs->addCompositeOp(new KoCompositeOpCopyChannel<Traits,green_pos>(cs, COMPOSITE_COPY_GREEN, i18n("Copy Green"), KoCompositeOp::categoryMisc()));
cs->addCompositeOp(new KoCompositeOpCopyChannel<Traits,blue_pos >(cs, COMPOSITE_COPY_BLUE , i18n("Copy Blue") , KoCompositeOp::categoryMisc()));
......@@ -225,7 +227,8 @@ void addStandardCompositeOps(KoColorSpace* cs)
typedef typename _Traits_::channels_type channels_type;
static const bool useGeneralOps = true;
static const bool useRGBOps = boost::is_base_of<KoBgrTraits<channels_type>, _Traits_>::value;
static const bool useRGBOps = (boost::is_base_of<KoBgrTraits<channels_type>, _Traits_>::value
|| boost::is_base_of<KoRgbTraits<channels_type>, _Traits_>::value);
_Private::AddGeneralOps<_Traits_, useGeneralOps>::add(cs);
_Private::AddRGBOps <_Traits_, useRGBOps >::add(cs);
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