Commit 9734c50a authored by Eoin O'Neill's avatar Eoin O'Neill 🍀 Committed by Halla Rempt
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Tool Repainting now accounts for 'corrected' tool paths.

This should reenable smaller than min-threshold rendering
back to expected behavior. It was currently rendering
incorrectly in both render modes.

(cherry picked from commit ec43d9e2)
parent 1c6b2b42
......@@ -705,7 +705,7 @@ void KisToolPaint::requestUpdateOutline(const QPointF &outlineDocPoint, const Ko
m_outlineDocPoint = outlineDocPoint;
m_currentOutline = getOutlinePath(m_outlineDocPoint, event, outlineMode);
QRectF outlinePixelRect = m_currentOutline.boundingRect();
QRectF outlinePixelRect = tryFixBrushOutline(m_currentOutline).boundingRect();
QRectF outlineDocRect = currentImage()->pixelToDocument(outlinePixelRect);
// This adjusted call is needed as we paint with a 3 pixel wide brush and the pen is outside the bounds of the path
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