Commit a1e3eff6 authored by Dmitry Kazakov's avatar Dmitry Kazakov
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Fix an assert in on document saving that caused freezes on autosaving

The assert caught a real bug in File Layer cloning, and its recovery
branch caused a small freeze. The problem was that I forgot to update
file layer's copy constructor when fixing the lost-files bug.

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......@@ -74,9 +74,13 @@ KisFileLayer::KisFileLayer(const KisFileLayer &rhs)
m_basePath = rhs.m_basePath;
m_filename = rhs.m_filename;
m_scalingMethod = rhs.m_scalingMethod;
m_generatedForImageSize = rhs.m_generatedForImageSize;
m_generatedForXRes = rhs.m_generatedForXRes;
m_generatedForYRes = rhs.m_generatedForYRes;
m_state = rhs.m_state;
m_paintDevice = new KisPaintDevice(*rhs.m_paintDevice);
connect(&m_loader, SIGNAL(loadingFinished(KisPaintDeviceSP,qreal,qreal,QSize)), SLOT(slotLoadingFinished(KisPaintDeviceSP,qreal,qreal,QSize)));
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