Commit b758c958 authored by Evan Thompson's avatar Evan Thompson Committed by Halla Rempt
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Fix user template icons not displaying on Windows

Absolute Windows paths were not being checked for, causing
user template icons to not load. QFile::exists is a simple
cross platform method of checking for an absolute path.

This also fixes custom icons for user templates.

BUG: 395894
(cherry picked from commit 7e450cc7)
parent 62ca7898
......@@ -50,7 +50,7 @@ const QPixmap &KisTemplate::loadPicture()
m_cached = true;
if (m_picture[ 0 ] == '/') {
if (QFile::exists(m_picture)) {
QImage img(m_picture);
if (img.isNull()) {
dbgKrita << "Couldn't find icon " << m_picture;
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