Commit c3259461 authored by Boudewijn Rempt's avatar Boudewijn Rempt

Revert "EXR: make sure when saving the layer names are consistent"

This reverts commit 6b0ebe2d.

This is actually wrong. EXRConverter::Private::makeLayerNamesUnique()
actually can cause exr layer names to be different from krita layer
parent d2602eb3
......@@ -1328,10 +1328,8 @@ QString EXRConverter::Private::fetchExtraLayersInfo(QList<ExrPaintLayerSaveInfo>
quint32 unused;
KisSaveXmlVisitor visitor(doc, rootElement, unused, QString(), false);
QDomElement el = visitor.savePaintLayerAttributes(, doc);
// cut the ending '.'
QString strippedName = - 1);
KIS_SAFE_ASSERT_RECOVER_NOOP(info.layer->name() == strippedName);
el.setAttribute(EXR_NAME, strippedName);
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